Missives to the Ether

False Positives and Service-Market Fit

Most tech-enabled service startups mistake service-market fit for product-market fit

SaaS vs. Tech-Enabled Services

What changes and what stays the same when human service providers enter the mix

What Strategy Isn't

Capturing the missing middle between facts and goals

The Value of (Opinionated) Core Values

If they can’t be wrong, they can’t be right

Daily Recaps

Use this one weird trick to manage your team more effectively

On Problems

Measure twice, cut once

Mark II: a Startup in a Box

Taking the guesswork out of policies and procedures

Tech-Enabled Service Startup Lessons from The Goal

Efficientia delenda est

Five Startup Lessons from Sapiens

Mining the wisdom of the species

Seven Startup Lessons from Rimworld

How a space colony simulator teaches players to be good founders

Serving the Twitter Completionist

Making the Sisyphean more pleasant

Roche: From Nil to MVP

An exercise in autodidacticism and self-PM’ing